Neglects to mention

Published: Friday, 12 January 2024

I HOPE you will allow me to answer T. Lang's somewhat unkind comments about Towpath Talk, writes Julian Warne.

What Mr. Mrs, Miss or whatever, wrote (we only ever get the 'T') is aimed at the website, but neglects to mention that the Towpath Talk people are newspaper publishers and their waterways newspaper has plenty to read, and is free in the bargain.

'Forgot' to mention

And it has a very good directory, that T. Lang 'forgot' to mention, that narrowboatworld doesn't have (I cannot see this comment ever seeing the light of day, so remove if you wish.)

Personally I think Towpath Talk does a good job, it's just different from yours, but it seems T. Lang cannot see that.

But to balance my comments a bit it does overdo the adverts, though as all its waterway publications are free, and after all it is in business, it has to get recompense somehow.  Long may it last.