The Maclesfield will be closed for a long time

Published: Thursday, 11 January 2024

IT WAS way back on the 11th December that a damaged culvert closed the Macclesfield Canal.

Now it's a month later and all we are told is that 'works to facilitate necessary investigations are progressing well', Keith Gudgin reports.

That certainly does not inspire confidence for a quick fix of the culvert. In fact it will take to the end of this week to complete even the preliminary works to clear and inspect the culvert—after a month!

Various CCTV investigations

After this, we are told, the contractors will be conducting various CCTV investigations.

And then the trust will have to await the results that will assist engineers in establishing a 'suitable methodology' for a permanent repair.

So don't make any plans for navigating the Macclesfield Canal for a while.