The Trent peaked in Nottingham last night

Published: Friday, 05 January 2024

THE Trent peaked in Nottingham on Thursday evening according to the Met Office.

Though it almost reached record levels peaking at 5.36m at Colwick between 8.30pm and 9pm. This is just 15cm short of the the highest level on record, when the Trent rose by 5.5m in 2000, causing widespread floods.

Still 36 flood warnings in place

There are however still 36 flood warnings still in place in Nottinghamshire, most of which are across the Trent.

Warnings are also in place along the Soar and Idle, that are still bringing flood water into the Trent keeping the river high, with further flood alerts issued along the lower parts of the river.

Much damage has obviously been caused along the river, with the ramp and landing stage leading down to the river opposite the football ground in Nottingham twisted and unusable now clearly seen as an example of major damage.

Flood and boats

As to how this flood has affected boats, we have yet to see, though reports are coming in of sinkings all along the river.

The marinas that have had patrols seem to be less affected that those left to fend without any help.