'Consultations' a waste of time

Published: Friday, 05 January 2024

THE article about the surcharges just goes to show how pointless these 'consultations' are, does it not? Writes John Coxon.

It is a waste of time participating in them and just gives CaRT an excuse to blame 'the result' for it's actions, which have already been decided.

PR exercise only

As I told when they first mooted the idea that it is a PR exercise only and that the decision had already been made to surcharge etc. Now they're trying to blame the decision on a majority vote by the boaters which can clearly be seen is not the case, as is obvious from the data given by Allan Richards in his exceptional article concerning the freedom of information response!

If boaters didn't participate in these pointless consultations or surveys then CaRT couldn't use the so called result as an excuse could they? Remember this next time you're asked! Don't fall for their hype as it has clearly now been proven to be false.

Like I also told it has been done to punish the bargees for their very public opposition to the mooring etc rules and their deliberate flouting of said rules and laws and as a consequence it's not only these rule breakers but all of us rule and law abiding continuous cruisers that are being punished for their crass stupidity!

Squat in one place

This, unfortunately, is the type of person we are getting on the waterways now. They don't want to learn about boating or canals or etiquette etc they just want to illegally squat in one place for a minimal outlay and ignore the rules etc.

One more thing, there's a consequence for CaRT here, they've lost a lot of good-will and observers by this decision. There are an awful lot of continuous cruisers who are no longer going to inform them about issues on the waterways. I'm one of them and talking to others I have found that just about everybody is going to stop sending CaRT information about problems unless it affects themselves directly.