Too many drowning

Published: Monday, 01 January 2024

I'M NOT sure if you want to include this, writes Gerald Brand.

But there does seem to be a lot of drownings in the canals these days, and I know you only publish a few of them, as I see others featured in the newspapers I read.

Bath fenceFence-off canals

As a boater and towpath walker I realise that it would be impossible to fence-off the canals, but I read there are quite a few demands to do so by various councils, but how would we like to negotiate the fence as in the image, that was erected in Bath as drunk students made an habit of falling in? (We provided the image as asked.)

Mind you, this was a river, but I understand it cut down on the drownings.

I also understand there are notices near the university in Bath warning of the danger of the Avon, but now it's not only drink but drugs that cause the problem, as people taking drugs are in 'another world' and haven't a clue in what they are doing.

Also dies

Often it is not only the person that falls in that drowns but also the person attempting a rescue that also dies. as you recently reported.

Perhaps a fence near the 'hot spots' might save a few lives?