How is Canal & River trust making our life better?

Published: Monday, 20 November 2023

ONE of Canal & River Trust's many claims includes one I just do not understand, writes T Lang.

And that is its slogan 'The charity making life better by water'. I don't see as it is, certainly not for its greatest users—us boaters!

Multitude of stoppages

Having cruised for many years under British Waterways control, and now ten years of Canal & River Trust control with its multitude of stoppages, I don't see how it can be better.

From just having the occasional, and  I do mean occasional, stoppage under British Waterways we now suffer, from as many as 38 in September alone.

There is no way Canal & River Trust can claim life is now better under its control. Not for boaters anyway, for there must have been hundreds of boaters held up by the constant stoppages, I have, and only too often, and many of your readers tell the same.

CrabtreeSix stoppages on one canal

Take the Leeds & Liverpool—Six stoppages in September and the Huddersfield Narrow—four stoppages.

But what is difficult to understand is how so many stoppages are repeated just a few days later. Crabtree Swing Bridge on the Leeds & Liverpool being a prime example.

'The charity making life better by water'? I don't think so.