Not even narrowboats now through Whitley Lock

Published: Friday, 17 November 2023

THOUGH the problem with Whitley Lock (12) allowed just narrowboats through, even these are now prevented.

Whitley LockFor its power pack has now failed on this Aire & Calder Navigation lock, Keith Gudgin reports.

No boats have access

So now no boats at all can have access until, as Canal & River Trust explains—'Our Mechanical & Engineering Team are on site today to try and rectify the issue'.

It was today, Friday, that the assisted passage was to come into operation, but obviously not.

The reason given for the lock being only available for narrowboats was that the power pack had failed, and we are told that is the reason for the present failure, which is difficult to understand.

Good news

The good news is that the gates on Lock 5 on Bank Dole Cut on the Aire & Calder have been repaired and the navigation has now reopened.

LATEST—The Mechanical & Engineering Team have repaired the fault on the power pack and so Whitley Lock is now operable.  It is not told if still for narrowboats only as previously or for widebeams as well that were not allowed.