Best boating holiday ever

Published: Friday, 17 November 2023

WE ARE at the moment having the best boating holiday ever, and in November at that, writes Olive Peters.

Fumbling about

My hussy and I are really enjoying the complete lack of boats on the Trent & Mersey, especially those that really don't know what they are doing, especially in locks, and soon establish queues with their fumbling about and particularly not knowing where to place their boats when locking, often attempting to hold it in the middle of a lock when going up. And even when going down down!

But please, I'm not meaning the many who know what they are doing, but those new hirers that obviously do not get the proper tuition or think it below them.

Or of course the many who have just purchased a boat who also. as I have often learnt. don't think tuition is needed.  And of course which is why boats get hung-up and sink!

Lovely week

However back to our cruise with the lovely, and not too cold, week that we are enjoying, with our diesel heater keeping the boat nicely warm in the evenings and early mornings. And being told by a trust fella that the Trent & Mersey is one of the waterways that is kept open by quick repairs, that gave us confidence.

Anyway we have had no problems with stoppages and tomorrow [Saturday] we turn back to out Marina with the hope that this lovely weather carries on and we don't need our waterproofs!