Two closures on Leeds & Liverpool

Published: Wednesday, 15 November 2023

THERE have been two closures on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal this week.

The Coxhead Swing Bridge is again 'the cox on the rocks', it being closed, Keith Gudgin reports.

This time the high winds are responsible for damaging the barriers, so putting it out of action.

The 'local team' is on the way to the site.


An underwater obstruction has also closed the Leeds & Liverpool near Coxhead Swing Bridge, but this was soon located and removed, and we are told the navigation is open.

But it is not told as to whether this also includes the Coxhead Swing Bridge—it being open or still closed.

Another closure

There is another closure, this time on the Old Main Line and the Wolverhampton Flight.

The reason is that the heel post on Lock 11 has snapped putting the lock out of action, and Canal & River Trust telling its team is heading to the site to come up with a plan of action.