Flotilla of boats to promote Fund Britain's Waterways

Published: Thursday, 09 November 2023

THERE will be a flotilla of boats by the  Palace of Westminster to promote Fund Britain’s Waterways message  later this month.

Next Tuesday, 14th November, the flotilla will leave West India Dock and cruise up the Thames to the Palace of Westminster to show their support for Fund Britain's Waterways.

parliamentSSounding boats' horns

The boats will hold in the tidal river outside the building with the crews soundings their boats' horns for around ten minutes to get the attention of those in parliament.

Fund Britain’s Waterways was established earlier this year by organisations and individuals to bring the governments' attention to the lack of funds it allows for the upkeep of the waterways.

Raise interest

This particular effort hopes to raise the interest in the current petition depicting the benefits of the waterways to the public, and so guarantee the funds needed to keep it in operation and good condition. And of course available to all.

Sir Michael Fabricant MP, Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Waterways, told:

“Our canals and rivers, along with their towpaths and riverside walks, are valued and supported by millions across the country. Through many millions of hours of volunteer effort, our inland waterways have been restored and protected. The flotilla past the Palace of Westminster will remind Parliamentarians how keen people are to see the waterways thrive and remain at the heart of communities.”