Can't blame vandals

Published: Monday, 30 October 2023

REGARDING Victor referring to Canal & River Trust blaming vandals for its problems, writes Janet Blane.

My partner and I came up into Glasson Basin after a cruise during September and it needed both of us to open and then close a bottom gate of Lock 5 as it was obviously silted-up, as was eventually discovered.

Efforts, I understand  had been made in the past clearing silt from the bottom locks, as the Lune is tidal so silt gets swept in, though Lock Number 5 is the third lock up from the river so I gather it is possibly a combination of silt from both directions.

Gathering silt in buckets

But I digress, as it is about vandals I write and they ought to have more sense than to blame vandals for the silt, I having to ask did they think those vandals came along gathering silt in buckets, carrying it to the lock then tipping it in the canal to silt-up a lock gates?  For there is no other way vandals could do it, and that of course is absolutely stupid.

These people who attempt to blame vandals really should think before they use such as an excuse for their own failings.

LATEST—the silt has been removed and locks open on 1st November.