Nightmare for boaters at Hebden Bridge Services

Published: Monday, 23 October 2023

THE week has been a total nightmare for boaters needing the services in Hebden Bridge on the Rochdale Canal.

HebdenBridgeServiceThe North East Team eventually decided to replace decking which gives access to the Elsan and pump-out.

But we are told that notice was given that the facility wouldn’t be usable, with many boaters turning up with their cassettes but couldn’t empty them, with a boater remarking—'the attitude of the North East Team is disgusting', he adding:


'I rang CRT along with many others. No apology. Nothing. No email notice.

The following day they finally sent out a very badly worded email. Not making it clear if the Elsan and pump-out were open or not.

HebdonBridge2I rang up questioning the quality of the notice, but was told I was being picky and the notice was fine.

Break down in communication

I then forwarded this on to customer services who issued a new stoppage notice apologising and telling it was a break down in communication. (The first notice told the services were open, though they were not. Then a further email apologised for poor wording and lack of advance warning.)

They said the facility would reopen on Friday.

It was not. It’s impossible to get to the Elsan and pump-out and no further notice or apology—absolutely nothing'.

Will not be finished until Wednesday!