The only Met weather station in a inland marina

Published: Monday, 25 September 2023

IT WAS way back in 2017 that the Metrological Office installed a weather station at Mercia Marina.

Weather2It believing the only one installed at an inland marina in the country.

This was one of only 16 official manual stations in Central England, with its data being fed daily direct into the  Met Office supercomputer by volunteer moorers at the marina, the station itself being maintained by the Met Office.

Last reading

But the 10th May this year saw the last readings taken at the weather station at Mercia.

Pete Horridge took the reading on that day with Gill Allbones, Regional Networks Manager (Central England), who has been the guide and support through the six years showing her appreciation:

"Thank you to the whole team—past and presentfor the commitment, the reliability, the willingness to trudge out to the station through wind and rain, sun and snow.

"You've all given up a lot of time and it's testament to the Marina's commitment to volunteering and making things happen."