Concerns over long closure of Weaver swing bridge

Published: Monday, 14 August 2023

THERE are grave local concerns regarding the continuous closure of Sutton Swing Bridge over the Weaver.

The Northwich & Winsford Guardian reported that the Canal and River Trust had carried out repairs on the bridge  over the weekend after it had been closed for two months.


Though the work was finally successful, the trust told it would still have to remain closed for the time being.

When repaired it was opened and closed seven times, then it was decided it would have to remain closed, with no reason given.

A casualty of the closure is the Danny steam ship that has been stuck on the Weaver for months, being unable to operate resulting in an estimated loss of £45,000 in income.

Slipping away

Concerning the Weaver, regular contributor Dave Collins writes:

The Weaver is definitely slipping away.

But was good to see Victor's article regarding only half the boat lift being in use. Underlines some of the Weaver navigation issues.

The whole of Canal & River Trust's customer service is becoming just as much a failure as its operational teams.

UPDATE: Sutton Swing bridge is operating today, Monday, but test swing on Sunday 20th August...