Wall to wall sunshine be damned!

Published: Monday, 05 June 2023

Wall to wall sunshine at Crick Boat Show so Waterways World would have us believe, writes T. Lang.


I was one of those mentioned on your site who as the gates finally opened at 10am on the Monday rushed to the nearby clothing marquee, with many others, and heard the salespeople asking 'wrapping up or wearing?'

And most, me included, wearing it, as it was dull, windy and cold, the only wall to wall sunshine appearing just before 4pm when the show closed. Though I was told it had its 'wall to wall' on other days.

But like most of the sayings concerning Crick Boat Show there is a large element of fantasy, especially with the attendance figures.

crickIn the rain

I was there in the rain a few years back, where I met your editor, who included an image of the, usually 20,000 people whom we are told attended.

But on that particular week-end certainly did not as it rained every day!  5,000 would be pushing it.

[The photograph is shown.]