Who are the real polluters?

Published: Thursday, 04 May 2023

BOATERS have been blamed by many, CaRT included, of polluting the waterways to the detriment of wildlife. writes Ralph Freeman.

Might I suggest this is pure conjecture and not backed-up by facts?

RalphClearWhy so clear

I took the accompanying photo a couple of days ago in Barton Marina.

Now Barton Marina has 300 berths, most of which are occupied, some by liveaboards. 

Can anyone explain, if boaters are polluters, why the water there is so clear? I can see the bottom of the marina in water over a metre deep.

If, as it is alleged, we boaters dump extensive amounts of bilge water, grey water and stern-tube lubricants into the marina, then shouldn't it be a cloudy, stinking mess devoid of wildlife? Clearly that is not the case


If you compare the wildlife in and around Barton Marina with that of the nearby Branston Water Park, the marina wins hands down.

I have never had an explanation from a wildlife expert why this is the case.

Maybe the ones CaRT employs can enlighten us, instead of making unsupported claims about boaters damaging wildlife.

The real polluters

In the region I boat in several canals are fed by local rivers. The Trent & Mersey and Caldon spring to mind.

The water authorities, you know the organisations (sic) paid to dispose of effluent, are instead pumping millions of litres of untreated sewage into the sea and rivers.

Presumably they do this disgusting act to save money and boost profits?

Who is to say that none of this effluent ends up in canals via river feeders?


Maybe CaRT and the media in general should look at the real polluters of our waterways and not spread propaganda blaming the boating community?

[Our own Sawley Marina holds around 100 liveaboards, yet the water is clear and the bottom easily seen, well proving Ralph's point—Editor.]