Survey found more unlicenced boats than reported

Published: Friday, 28 April 2023

JUST having completed a short survey, David Hymers discovered surprising results as he reports.

Cruising from Gailey top lock to Autherley Junction I counted the number of unlicensed boats I passed.

44 had no licence

In a distance of less than ten miles 44 boats had no licence displayed or an expired one, while 18 boats, mostly the same ones, had no registration number either.

If we extrapolate these figures to the whole system, as CaRT do for pedestrian numbers, this gives a figure of about 8,800 unlicensed boats, which is which is more than 25% of the number of boats CaRT thinks are on the canals.

Take enforcement more seriously

Obviously this is only a survey of a short distance and it may be untypical but it suggests that CaRT should be taking enforcement more seriously, at least in this area.