Anderton Boat Lift opens seven days a week

Published: Wednesday, 26 April 2023

AS FROM Monday 1st May Anderton Boat Lift will be open seven days a week until Wednesday 1st November. after its major overhaul.

However there will be closures for weekly inspections that will be carried out on Thursdays up to noon together with occasional hydraulic tests, Keith Gudgin reports.

LiftLongBooked in advance

The Canal & River Trust tell that all passages must be booked in advance, and will not be able to take bookings onsite. but the next available slot on the day is free of charge, however this passage is subject to availability, otherwise, charges of passage do apply.

Boats using the lift must be licenced, have a valid Boat Safety Certificate and insurance, that will be checked.

Passage on the Boat Lift, from 9.15 until 4.30 can be booked either via your online account or calling 0303 0404040.