Not too friendly

Published: Monday, 24 April 2023

I READ with great interest your various updates on the case of George Ward and his boats on the Kennet & Avon Canal, writes Olive Dunhill.

Together with my partner we were unlucky enough to moor near him for a while and were pleased to get away as he is not a very nice person at all, and saw how he treated the people who I thought were only trying to help him.

No intention of moving

But he had no intention of moving that has been proven, and has been there for years with his unsightly boats.

Though Canal & River Trust refused to licensed them after he refused to move, he did not seem to bother, as I mentioned, taking offence when people came to attempt to discuss it.

I just cannot understand how he got away with it, overstaying for years then without a licence.  What if we all did that?

Canal & River Trust have done right to take action, but should have done it a lot sooner.