How will Canalathon be enforced?

Published: Monday, 24 April 2023

THAT is the question prompted by Bill Ridgeway, who writes:

It seems to me that the only common feature of Canalathon and other 'athlon' events is raising donations.

Unlike other 'athlon' events there will not (and can not) be any organisation or regulation.

It would be very easy for participants to artificially increase the claimed distance and, therefore, donation without any control.

Possibility for scammers

There is also the possibility for scammers to take advantage of the generosity of people who would like to donate to CaRT.

I would question if it would not be easier and simpler for people to make a straight donation to CaRT without the pretence of having taken part in an 'athlon'. That would be nearer the truth and possible givers who also see through the sham may not be too eager to give.