Happy outcome to car in the Avon

Published: Saturday, 15 April 2023

LAST November narrowboatworld carried the story of a car in the Avon at Stratford.

Here is the happy outcome with a bravery award for reluctant hero who rescued the car's driver from the river in Stratford, reports Roger Fox.

Dived in

The 63 years old Paul Beardmore dived in when he saw the driver in distress helping her out of the car and the bitter November water to safety.

His selfless act has brought him some positive attention in the form of a Royal Humane Society Award which was presented to Paul.

It was whilst the disabled car driver, Gina Dawson, was getting her car out of a parking area that she accidentally jammed her foot it the pedals reversing her car at speed into the river, with it sinking and just the tip of the aerial showing.