Why not 'keep left' signs?

Published: Friday, 14 April 2023

READING of the collision between two cyclists on the Thames towpath, writes Craig Fowler.

I cannot but marvel that nothing seems to be done to even give the minimum of safety advice for cycling on towpaths.

Transferred to hospital

The collision on the Thames towpath, as your readers will have learnt, resulted in both cyclists having to be transferred to hospital and our being informed one was critical.

It is not only the Thames towpath that sees such incidents but the canal towpaths too, that in many cases are narrower and result in our reading of crashes between cyclists only too often, yet there is not the slightest attempt to give safety advice for cyclists with the rare exception of 'low bridge ahead'.

In its much vaunted 'wellbeing' of being by water on its towpaths, Canal & River Trust totally ignore the plight of cyclists, with I not being able to find even a notion of warning of how to use them safely, so resulting in the incidents we so often read about.

Not 'better by water'

With its plethora of blue signs telling us of so many unnecessary things one would have thought such a sign giving towpath cyclists the very simple 'keep left' warning would be much more sensible and help to save so many such incidents instead of telling it's 'better by water', as in their cases it certainly is not.