Burnley Visitor Centre reopens

Published: Thursday, 13 April 2023

THE Weavers' Triangle Visitor Centre by the Leeds & Liverpool Canal in Burnley has reopened for the season.

It opened in time for Easter and had excellent attendances over the weekend.

WeaversTriangleMuseumOpen throughout the summer

The visitor centre will now open on Saturdays and Sundays between 2pm and 4pm throughout the summer.

The visitor centre is located in the former Wharfmaster's House and Toll Office at Burnley Wharf by the waterway.

It's displays tell about the area now known as the Weavers' Triangle and the canal, in addition to showing how cotton is made. Period rooms—a Victorian parlour and a weaver's dwelling show a contrast of two lifestyles.

Working model fairground

The Burnley Fair room, with a working model fairground, illustrates the workers' holidays and there is a recreated Victorian schoolroom as part of the display.

A short distance along the towpath is Oak Mount Mill engine house that is open for a number of occasions during the summer.