'Wellbeing' comes first

Published: Friday, 31 March 2023

I HAVE just read in your publication about Canal & River Trust not offering condolences, writes John Warne.

This is of course to those who have lost loved ones through drowning in the trust's waters, that I would have thought was the only decent thing to do.

Much vaunted 'wellbeing'

But  we have to accept that the trust will do absolutely nothing that takes away from its much vaunted 'wellbeing' of being by the canals, no matter how many deaths they cause, as that comes first.

I have particular interest as I was one of those caught on that 'tight' lock that has been mentioned, then my boat dropping bow first and filling with water with our two young children inside, that we managed to rescue, but there was no 'wellbeing' about that I can tell you, we soon getting rid of what we thought was a safe hobby, and not for all those others who get their boats caught on cills either.


And obviously not for the person who at least after a long struggle managed to get compensation for his new boat being ruined in that same tight lock either.

I notice too that other waterway publications, obviously on the 'wellbeing' gravy train, never publicise such accidents or deaths on the canals, or in fact the hosts of stoppages either. That is pathetic journalism, and to me dishonest.