What's the point?

Published: Friday, 31 March 2023

THE Canal & River Trust are running yet another consultation.

This time it tells it is inviting us to participate in a consultation on the future of boat licence fees.

Budget shortfall

It tells that faced with soaring costs and the highest levels of inflation in over 40 years, the trust must address a budget shortfall to safeguard navigation, meaning that boat licence fees will need to rise by more than the rate of inflation, so it is now consulting boaters on the fairest way to apply these increases.

It seems the consulation is for certain boaters to take part, the reciprients being told it is 'unique to you'.

But it is difficult to see the point, as the licences fees are going up, no matter what boaters might suggest for there is no alternative.

[Boaters receiving this invitation to take part have told they have not completed it with a number of different reasons given, mostly on the trust's wastage of money—but afraid not complimentary—Editor.]