'Shark' in Canary Wharf!

Published: Thursday, 16 March 2023

THE claim that a shark had been seen in Canary Wharf  has been dispelled!

For it was no more that a plastic eating robotic named 'WaterShark' deployed in the busy wharf to clear-up the loads of plastic that gets thrown in and accumulates, Keith Gudgin reports.

WaterSharkReduce plastic pollution

It has been specially created to reduced plastic pollution and is able to scoop up to 500kg of plastic waste a day.

It will also remove microplastics and other pollutants and is battery operated allowing it to clear 5km of water before a recharge.

The collected plastic then goes to a recycling plant to be processed.

Clear packaging

The machine was created by Britvic-owned infused sparkling water brand, Aqua Libra, in its effort to clear its and other packaging.

Canary Wharf claims to be one of London’s busiest districts, with 120,000 people working, shopping or visiting daily.