Wrong time of the year

Published: Thursday, 16 March 2023

MOORING close to Fradley I very often take the boat out and moor above the two top locks, writes Julie Warne.

Giving us all a quiet afternoon where we can take the dogs over the lock and across the footpaths leading to the old aerodrome.

Closed for towpath improvement

But now we are told that those moorings are to be closed from the end of this month to the 8th August for towpath improvement.

So I can but agree with Keith Gudgin who asks why couldn't they have done these works in the winter when the demand for them is very much less?

I know there are moorings by the services at the junction, but there is little peace and quiet there as the motorbikes go roaring up and down all the weekend to get to their café at the top.

Even more racket

They have speed bumps but these created even more racket as they slow right down then open up at full pelt making more of a racket.

So much for the peace and quiet of the waterways at Fradley.