CaRT in the news

Published: Monday, 06 March 2023

IT IS GOOD to know that narrowboatworld in not the sole publication writing about the financial affairs of Canal & River Trust, writes Roger Fox.

Private Eye has been following CaRT since the move from BWB and is now expressing concern about the proposed sell-off by CaRT of its Northwich Yard.

Needs the funds

The yard is being sold as a 'freehold river fronting development opportunity including a number of Grade II Listed Buildings', rather than it being handed to the local authority for a heritage and leisure project. CaRT has told the local press that it is selling the site as it needs the funds for maintenance.

It was back in 2010/2012 that Private Eye noted that none of the plans for a charity added up. At the time, the inventory of complex historic buildings in difficult locations was loss making, and BWB faced an annual shortfall of £30m just to keep things stable, with no additional work to locks, bridges and the like.

Was dismissed

Private Eye notes that such terrible gainsaying was dismissed at the time by government and the CaRT leadership.

Nothing has changed since then, apart from the sale of many assets, the sacking of valuable knowledgeable canalmen and craftsmen, and the employment of a top heavy and overpaid management team.