Olive has opened a can of worms!

Published: Sunday, 26 February 2023

IT IS NOT our policy to remark about other publications but so many replies to one particular article has prompted us to do so.

It was Olive Peters comparing Towpath Talk that has produced the replies:

Not competition or comparable

I would not agree that 'Towpath Talk' is in any way competition or comparable to 'narrowboatworld', writes Brian Cavill.

I am presuming that any advertising on your web site is purely to cover costs of producing and hosting the site. In contrast 'Towpath Talk' is a profit making business.If it wasn't, there would not be so many pages devoted to adverts and articles covertly promoting products!

Keep the faith narrowboatworld'...its all about Boaters!

Not about the real world of boating

I must object to Olive Peters listing Towpath Talk as 'carrying news items', in comparison to your site as there is no comparison, writes T Lang.

It's 'News' struggles to give one item a day, and them mostly press releases,. Hardly comparable with the many on six days a week in narrowboatworld.

But I can't see anything about the real world of boating—the endless stoppages and the exaggerated claims from CaRT, as obviously it does not want to upset the trust, never mind the suffering boaters.

In fact though Olive so suggests, it is not really a boaters' publication at all but something glorifying the 'wellbeing' of the waterways.

No competition

I was really put-out by the praise concerning Towpath Talk and it surviving coronavirus from Olive Peters and 'competition', writes John Smedley.

There is no competition whatsoever. Reading the few news items in it, most are from Canal & River Trust, backed by what I understand are called press releases from other organisations.

Nowhere has it sensible, enlightening and obviously well researched articles as those from such as Allan Richards and Kelvin Alexander-Duggan that you publishincluding a couple of very enlightening ones recently shooting down Canal & River Trust's claims and giving the actual facts about the Energy Support Scheme.

Then you have the 'pull-no-punches' writer John Coxon, such as you would never see within a mile of Towpath Talk.

And so many people, like myself, who are allowed to air their views in others, yet I've never had one altered one tiny bit. Where are they in Towpath Talk?

Hasn't really compared

I just don't get that from your contributor [Olive Peters] about Towpath Talk and yourselves, writes Julie Warne. She obviously hasn't really compared!

[That surely is enough—no more please, but thanks for your support, it's appreciated.  But to put the record straight Towpath Talk is really for the visitors to the waterways, and does a fairly good jobEditor.]