One publication survived the virus

Published: Friday, 24 February 2023

I HAVE to take your Victor to task when he lists the publications that did not survive the virus, writes Olive Peters.

I expect that as competition 'Towpath Talk' was not mentioned, so this will not see the light of day!

Anyway—and not 'any-road-up' that Victor prefers—it is still going strong and is available on the internet for free, and does carry news items.

Only complaint

My only complaint with it is that it is swamped with adverts, but loading any internet newspaper these days they are all the same, so perhaps should not grumble, as they have to make money.

I had better say something good about your publication that may help to get this seen, and that at least you have got rid of that top advert, it now at the bottom, that was so annoying with its 'jumping' in and out.