Campaign to build solar powered narrowboat

Published: Wednesday, 15 February 2023

A COUPLE of narrowboat owners are attempting to raise funds to construct a solar powered trip boat.

Tom Malone and Tom Jeffery, are attempting to change their narrowboat Faraday at Sutton Wharf on the Ashby Canal, into a solar powered trip boat, but need funding.


This is estimated at a £70,000 project so intend to turn to crowdfunding to be able to raise £28,000, together with personal savings and a grant from the University of Nottingham.

The intention is having it up and running by July of this year, and then organise trips on the waterway.

It is intended to be a 12 seater when completed and will be completely electric throughout as an eco friendly boat complete with a licensed bar and kitchen, running trips and dining cruises.

To save using grid electricity it is intended to have a shore based array of solar panels to charge the boat's batteries whilst being moored.