Just how selfish can they get?

Published: Wednesday, 25 January 2023

THAT the conservationists want the Montgomery Canal for themselves for only the use of horse drawn boats is crazy, writes T Lang.

Notwithstanding they care nothing for the years of funding and work by volunteers or that the canals were built for boats (that they purposely overlooked) how many boaters own a horse trained to pull a boat?

Or are they so stupid they now expect boaters wanting to use the restored sections to now purchase a horse? A quick look at the adverts in the Horse & Hound shows a decent one is around £10,000.  And the cost of a lorry to transport it to the canal quite a few more thousand—depending on its state, and the taxing and insurance of course.

And that's far from it all.  There's a stable needed and a field for grazing and of course other feed. And the work involved, I can assure you, is never ending.

Yet it seems those people expect boaters to undertake all this should they want to use the canal, rather than the boat use its own engine, just in case its propeller may damage a weed or two, though of course these self same weeds are in special areas of conservation off-line, so why the concern?

Simply my friends because that lot want it all to themselves and their couple of horse drawn boats, and to hell with the rest of us.

Just how selfish can they get!  I hope to God they are not allowed to get away with it.