Group want horse drawn boats only on the Montgomery Canal

Published: Monday, 23 January 2023

WILDLIFE people want to take over the Montgomery Canal and ban all propeller driven boats on the waterway!

No narrowboats or cruisers

Together with local broadcaster Iolo Williams, they want to make sure that the restored Montgomery Canal is used by horse drawn boats only, with no narrowboats or cruisers allowed, Brian Cavill reports.

These  people maintain that the canal has a number of uncommon aquatic plants that has led to it being named a Site of Special Scientific Interest and also a Special Area of Conservation, and that propellers will damage these plants, so only horse drawn boats should be allowed on the waterway.

They however do not state where all such boats are coming from, as the number of people bearing the cost of purchasing and keeping a horse just to pull their boats would be fairly limited.

Effort and cost for nothing

So all the effort and cost over the years to restore this waterway by the Montgomery Waterway Restoration Trust would be for nothing.

Except of course for a few plants that very few people ever see...