No identity of man found in Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Published: Wednesday, 18 January 2023

THOUGH a man's body was discovered in the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, the police are unable to identify it.

All they have is a watch and a bunch of keys, that they have photographed and circulated, the keyring has the word 'Terrano' and 'American Blend' imprinted on it, Keith Gudgin reports.

DrownedKeysHe was also carrying a 30 years old A - Z map of the area.

Newlay 3 Locks

The body was found near Newlay 3 Locks on the waterway, with the police still attempting to identify the man who is described as an elderly white male with a bald head.

There is a suggestion that he might have been noticed by someone either using the canal or towpath who saw the man.