Two more winter stoppages cancelled 

Published: Tuesday, 10 January 2023

THAT very long list of Canal & River Trust winter stoppages together with the their massive spend is becoming a mockery as even more are cancelled.

CaravanLiftBrigeThe latest to bite the dust is the repair to the Caravan Lift Bridge (215) near Kirklington on the Oxford Canal.

Boaters being informed that the scale of work required means that it cannot be completed within the dates given so is being cancelled 'into a further winter programme', Keith Gudgin reports.

Market Harborough Arm

The Market Harborough Arm sees the next winter work cancelled—this was a stoppage required to carry out scouring under the towpath abutment close to Johnson's Bridge (7) near Gartree.

The reason given this time is that the trust has to constantly review its priorities as more urgent works have been introduced into the winter works programme, with this project 're-prioritised in a future  winter programme'.

The trust originally boasted of a £57 millions investment in its winter works, but with so many of these cancelled the figure can now be nowhere near this, and the reason when it is given in its Press Releases, we feel it a duty to omit, as it is obviously incorrect.