No decent and timely repairs being done

Published: Monday, 05 December 2022

AGREE with you, Canal & River Trust are clearly unable to get anyone to do decent and timely repairs, writes Alan Baker.

My experience of a lip seal job was on an Adderley Lock where it was done by British Waterways staff who did the job overnight. Took the dog for a walk about 7.30pm, lock had been fenced off, generators running and men working some on the lock gate and others cleaning all the rubbish out of the bottom of the lock.

No leaks

Next morning at 7.30am a narrowboat came down. We went up around 8.00am there were no leaks at all, and the only sign that the men had been was the grass trampled down.

All the loaded boats were about a mile further on.

How long did the contractors take on the two Leicester locks? Two weeks was it?