Shoddy work causes another long stoppage

Published: Thursday, 01 December 2022

IT WAS two years ago that brand new gates were fitted to Hunts Small Lock on the Weaver.

But though not having much use over the period owing to the various stoppages of locks and the boat lift, the lock is out of order being now added to the winter programme with three weeks works scheduled from Monday 13th February to Friday (of course) 3rd March, Keith Gudgin reports.

HuntsSmallLockWe are told the stoppage is required to allow dewatering of the lock to enable our team to carry out some essential Investigations/repairs to the tail gates. The gates are leaking and are currently difficult to open fully into the gate recesses. Boats will be able to turn adjacent to the lock.

Not fitted correctly

Of this, David Collins writes:

Just imagine if two years ago they had done dewatering of Hunts when fitting these brand new gates and fitted them correctly the first time. Oh how they could have avoided several lots of divers and two years of investigation as to why Hunts locks new gates leak.

The money saved, and here we are with CaRT's dosh nearly all gone. And now they want to dewater the lock to see what was done wrong—unless it's those damn underwater vandalism cretins to blame!

Shocking management on CaRT's efforts, for doesn't anyone ask simple questions, like "Why?"

Although contractors were heavily involved initially they also had many from the the trust's construction on site as well, fitting and replacing. These locks were a joint programme

As to why they didn't dewater in the beginning is beyond belief. The gates have only been worse from that initial refit, so how did these get signed off?

Questions never seem to be asked and no one is accountable for such a waste of money and resources.