Three swing bridges fail in one day!

Published: Wednesday, 30 November 2022

IT IS CERTAINLY the time for new failure records with three swing bridges out of action in one day!

It started with a 'regular', the Winkwell Swing Bridge on the Grand Union 'on the blink' for the third time this year, on Monday, so the Grand Union is closed yet again.

The other two times it has been the 'Wink on the Blink' were in January and then again in June—it just making it to six months this time since the contractors last 'had a go'.

BrewerySwingBridgeTwo fail on the Leeds & Liverpool

Monday saw not just one, but two failures on the Leeds & Liverpool, but for once the 'Cox on the Rocks' wasn't one of them!—it was Crabtree Swing Bridge, another fairly regular failure that lasted six months since its last 'repair'.

This was also joined on Monday by the failure of Brewery Swing Bridge, (pictured) which is not such a regular failure it not being out of action since 2019.

Such regular failures must surely point to poor repairs, or surely they would last longer than the six months as two of them, especially in the case of the Leeds & Liverpool that has had its flights either closed or under restriction for most of the summer, thus preventing use of the waterway.

Not vandals

We are pleased to report that none of the three failures were blamed on vandals.