The means to an end?

Published: Thursday, 24 November 2022

IT WAS all too obvious that those figures from Canal & River Trust of billions of pounds of social and economic value of the waterways were going to created astonishment, writes James E Collins. (Pictured.)

But let's give it some thought. At the moment there is no definition of the amount of funding that Canal & River Trust will obtain from the government, with Defra dragging its heels.  So what better than to tell how important the waterways are to that social and economic value of the country?

CollinsSo pile it on

So pile it on somewhat. I remember the restoration of the mere 28 miles of the Huddersfield Narrow that we were told by the then British Waterways would created 3,000—yes, 3,000 'new permanent jobs' and '800 new homes'.  I don't think so.

Then there was the restoration of the Rochdale Canal that we were informed would create  '4,000 new permanent jobs', and this time 820 new homes. Really?

Must have been believed

But the outcome was that it must have been believed as both waterways were restored.

So if those figures of Canal & River Trust get believed by those that matter, and we get more money for the waterways, should we judge the means of succeeding, be it fact or fiction?