The 'proper attention' to the swing bridge did not last

Published: Friday, 18 November 2022

IN MARCH of this year after many failures, Selby Swing Bridge received 'proper attention' to solve its recurring problem.

Alas the 'proper attention' has not solved the problem as the bridge is now out of action again, Keith Gudgin reports.

SelbySwingThe 'proper attention' was after three failures to March of this year and six in preceding years, that it was discovered occurred in the bridge's second cycle, due to misalignment with the sensors caused by wear in the bushes, that then caused the constant problem.

Adjustment made

When the bridge then failed to operate an adjustment is made to compensate, and the bridge reopened, but after a while this happens again with the bridge again closed to navigation.

It is understood the bushes were replaced in March.

But yesterday, Thursday, it failed again with the bridge closed 'until further notice'.


Saturday. The swing bridge is now repaired and the navigation open again.