Those protruding bolts

Published: Thursday, 17 November 2022

I WAS most pleased to read about the protruding bolts on the side of the cut at that lift bridge [Bridge 2 Prees Branch], writes Julie Warne.

These spoilt what was otherwise a problem-free cruise exploring the Llangollen Canal, it being our first time on that waterway.

No trouble

I know many of your readers have 'rough' times on their cruises, from the remarks they make, but we have had no trouble on the Trent & Mersey, as I wrote, or on the Llangollen, except for those bolts catching the boat and leaving  a scrape along the blacking.

I wrote to Canal & River Trust, but all I received what was obviously a standard acknowledgement, but nothing else.

But as we black the boat ourselves it was no great effort to paint over the scrape, though it was annoying as we keep the boat in good condition.

But as mentioned, the rest of the journey was trouble-free, once we had mastered those overflows at the locks that tend to rock the boat.