No such thing as a season

Published: Wednesday, 09 November 2022

I TOO agree with Anne of NABO about there not being such a thing as a 'season', that is being perpetuated by CaRT, writes James Henry.

Having a 'season' means that real stoppages in the summer can be 'mixed-up', for the want of a better word, with winter works and so not look so bad.

Confuse the situation

And I have the feeling that having started having such winter works in summer is to further confuse the situation, with eventually boaters not realising what is what!

As one of the first contributors to your site, as your Victor, I too remember the good old days of the British Waterways Board when summer stoppages were a rarity and not an average of one a day as they are now, so anything that can be used to make them seem not so bad these days, will be used, and 'seasons' is a good way.

So we can expect it to be perpetuated now that it is started.

Future funding

The shenanigans concerning DEFRA reneging on future funding for CaRT are a worry, though I can see this coming about after all the non-waterway spending that it undertakes, but if it gets less money a further worry is what will it be spent on?

Even more jobs added to the 151 (yes, 151!) positions advertised and perhaps more lawyers to add to the six already? And of course a few hundred or so more blue signs?  A worry indeed.