Who is kidding who?

Published: Wednesday, 02 November 2022

THE Canal & River Trust is really stretching boaters' belief in its 'reasons/excuses'.

It is telling boaters that vandals caused a lock failure though it needs divers to repair, as it is underwater!

PillingsFloodThe trust blamed vandals for the damage to Pilling Flood Lock on the Leicester Section, yet it tells it needs divers to attend the site to be able to reach the damage!

Not explained

How on earth vandals could cause such damage below the water line, it needing divers to repair, is not explained.

All it stated is that 'due to vandalism that has left one of the lock gates missing boards leaving a large hole, we have had to close Pillings lock'. on the River Soar.

More and more vandals are being blamed for incidents that it is difficult to understand.