Good news at last for Leeds & Liverpool

Published: Friday, 28 October 2022

AFTER the worst summer on record for the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and particularly its moorers, good news at last.

It was way back in April that the restrictions and stoppages started on this waterway, with flights either closed or under severe restriction all summer and only recently Canal & River Trust told its moorers they were being given a 'window' to return to their moorings, Keith Gudgin reports.

wiganLocks350Severely restricted

During the entire summer its moorers and visitors have been severely restricted by the continuing flight closures, with many telling of either giving up boating altogether or moving south away from the many problems of the northern canals.

The Wigan Flight, pictured, has been particularity problematic for boaters with its many closures for various reasons.

But there has been a significant increase in the reservoirs that supply the canal following the recent rainfall, so the navigation can be opened, however with restricted opening times continued on several lock flights.

The restrictions are usually allowing passage from 10am to 4pm with that coming into force next Monday 31st of October.

The end of the boasting season!