Licence fees squandered

Published: Thursday, 27 October 2022

AS AN avid reader of your site and so conversant with your policy, I am surprised that nothing has been stated concerning the boat licence increases, writes Duncan Peters.

Early this year the Canal & River Trust upped the licence fee 4% and then in August did the same again, this one from the 1st of October, making it, obviously, a 8% increase, and I would not be at all surprised at yet another increase.

EnjoyYourCanalMultitude of blue signs

However this is not my major concern, but how our licence fees are squandered on such unnecessary items, with the multitude of blue signs springing to mind, that have certainly not been required in the past, and our being told so many times to enjoy the waterways, etc, etc is certainly not required, especially as all too often they cannot be enjoyed as they are closed.

Which brings me to my second complaint, of how the contractors are ripping off Canal & River Trust as I have witnessed with the now famous breaking down Winkwell Swing Bridge having three contractors 'messing about' for days 'pretending' to repair it.  Only to come back again a few weeks later for another 'attempt'.

And reading all too often of this happening elsewhere on the system, clearly showing that our licence fees are being squandered.

The licence increases were published.