Wood End Lift Bridge fails again

Published: Friday, 21 October 2022

WOOD End Lift Bridge on the Peak Forest Canal has failed again, with the navigation closed.

Wood EndIt last failed on the 13th of September and it took over a month to repair, Keith Gudgin reports.

At the time we were originally informed that several components were damaged and it was expected that replacement parts would need to be sourced.

Various weekly excuses

After various weekly excuses the 'teams and contractors' managed to source the parts and install them to make the bridge workable once more, it being opened over a month later on the 14th of October.

And now, as all too often occurs, we are informed it has failed again—just over two weeks later!

Our being told it is a battery problem, so back perhaps go the 'teams and contractors' today in the hope they can mange to sort it.

LATEST:  A new battery has been installed and the bridge reopened.