Coventry Canal closed for a month

Published: Friday, 14 October 2022

THE Coventry Canal is to be closed at the end of this month until Friday 25th November between Fradley and Streethay.

A culvert has been discovered between bridges bridges 87 and 88 that has partially collapsed, Keith Gudgin reports.

Extensive work

Canal & River Trust state that this will require extensive works to undertake a full and substantial repair, but it can delay the work safely until the end of the month, when it must close the navigation to prevent excessive leaking and further deterioration of the culvert.

It is anticipated that the canal will need to be closed for up to four weeks, but will be re-opened earlier if possible.

There is however the possibility that should the culvert further collapse and cause excessive leaking the waterway will have to be closed before the end of the month.