The reduction of waste facilities

Published: Wednesday, 05 October 2022

THE Canal & River Trust are carrying out another boaters survey, writes Brian D Jarrett.

This time on boaters' facilities.


As a boater who cruises most of the system I’ve seen the reduction of waste facilities either their total removal or a big reduction in bins/skips provided.

Very often now even as a single boater I’m forced to carry waste around until facilities are found It becomes obvious that removing/reducing facilities loads those that are left!

Surely whilst this has been done the emptying frequency’s should have been increased. Or is the exercise to reduce cost?

Same situation

The facilities shown is at Penkridge. The same situation applied at Wheaton Aston, Sutton Cheney, Sutton Stop and Nantwich (two skips). I’m sure other boaters could sight many more around the system.

It’s not rocket science it just requires someone getting up from the desk moving away from the computer and VISIT SITES!