The GO windlass will not operate lift bridges

Published: Friday, 30 September 2022

I WAS most pleased to see Victor's write-up about windlasses, writes John Farthing.

For I too have had problems with the GO windlass, that is useless for the many lift bridges on the Peak Forest where I moor my boat.

Not tapered

As Victor pointed out the part that fits on to the paddle spindle is not tapered like others, so when there is the larger spindle on the hydraulic mechanism on lift bridges it will not fit, and a fellow boater tells me that this also applies to hydraulic paddles that have the larger spindle, and of course is why normal windlasses, no matter what the make. are tapered so that they can accommodate the larger spindles.

The GO windlass itself is fine, with a close ratchet that can easily be switched either way, but not being tapered shows a complete lack of understanding of the use of a windlass.

But it also means you have to carry another when operating hydraulic mechanisms.