Spate of cars in waterways

Published: Saturday, 27 August 2022

THERE has recently been a spate of cars in a river and canals.

The latest was when two collided on the narrow Eckington Bridge with one landing submerged in the river, Roger Fox reports.

eckington brLanding on its roof

This occurred yesterday, Friday, with the car crashing through the weak parapet and landing on its roof in the river, the driver escaping but the passenger unable to escape and drowning.

Ambulance crews eventually pulled the passenger out of the submerged vehicle but they were pronounced dead.

The driver who managed to free himself, had been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and drug driving.

Both road and river traffic was halted whilst the bridge was assessed for structural damage.

Leicester Section

During the week the Leicester Section of the Grand Union Canal was closed, Keith Gudgin reports.

Again is was a car in the waterway, this time at Ervin's Lock (32) approach, preventing navigation.

Canal & River Trust had to liaise with the police and the company engaged to lift the car out before the navigation could be re-opened, but this was completed last week and navigation restored.

Boaters can now travel along this section as normal.

Rochdale Canal

Earlier in the month a car was driven into the Rochdale Canal at Newton Heath between locks 68 and 69.

But this time with only the front end in the waterway the driver took the initiative and phoned for a local breakdown company that attended and dragged the car out.

This time making it all a rather simple procedure.